Classic Barn Door

The Classic Barn Door combines rustic and traditional design. The Classic Barn Door may be the most simple of all barn door styles on the site, however the simplicity allows it to flow from style to style without missing a beat. It can be painted and sanded down to look rustic, or painted and finished with a wax to look modern. It can even be the frame for a chalkboard, a mirror, or a steel insert used to hang magnets. The Classic is universal in its uses, yet as timeless as any design.

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The most simple, and timeless interior sliding barn door available on the site, the Classic barn door meshes with any style decor and colored interior.

Door thickness is 1-3/4″.

*Hardware is sold separately and not included on any door.

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks production + 2-5 days transit UPS Freight. Free shipping.

Need help ordering, call us at 866.815.8151