Proven Security… and Cost-effectiveness
This attractive, openstyle model stands out for its ruggedness. It can be used in many settings including schools, food fairs, stadiums, hospitals, warehouses, etc.

Each panel’s top and bottom is fitted with an aluminum panel 4” high. This panel consists of an aluminum extrusion 1/16″ thick. They are composed of modules with a 15° angle between them to help the closure operate. The curtain is constructed of modules 1/16” thick arranged in a checkerboard design of 3” center to center. These modules are linked together by hidden aluminum and steel rods of 5/16” diameter. The panels are 12” tall. The “1212” in the name refers to the height of the panels. Curtains hang from a tempered aluminum alloy 6351-T6 overhead track 1-5/16″ wide by 1-9/16” high.

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