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We are proud to be the #1 Internet supplier of Panelfold® Doors in the USA. Panelfold® Folding Doors have set the high water mark for quality accordion doors since 1953. Whether you are looking for the popular Panelfold® Scale/4® Folding Door or the Panelfold® Scale/8® you’ll find them here.

When you buy from you get over 20 years of design and construction experience. We will help you customize your Panelfold® Accordion Door for your project. Each folding door is customized to exact specifications.

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Panelfold® Scale/8® Folding Partition

Panelfold® Scale/8® partitions offer proven design at an economical price. Available up to Available up to 18 feet with laminated 8 inch wide panels and manual or electrical operation, this model of accordion door also comes with an optional sound rating of STC 25.


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Panelfold® Scale/4® Folding Door

Panelfold® Scale/4®

The Panelfold® Scale/4® Folding Door wood folding doors are made with strong, laminated 4 inch wide, thick wood core panels and come with surfacing options like wood veneer, vinyl and decorative laminate choices. The decorative aluminum track and high quality materials used to create these accordion doors ensure your doors will slide smoothly, look great and function well for years to come.

The Panelfold® Scale/4® Folding Door is a traditional interior accordion door solution that minimizes space consumed by traditional bi-fold or swinging doors. When stack this door takes 1/70th the space traditional doors take up.


Technical Brief

Installation Instructions

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