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Scale/6 Decorative Accents


For the perfectionists and discriminating designers, Scale/6® Decorative Accent doors can help you match an even greater variety of styles and achieve an even more distinguished look through the many detailing options available in Scale/6D doors. With different types of inserts and various colors and surfacing material options, these accordion doors are perfect for dividing any residential or commercial space.

The Scale/6® Decorative Accent is a unique twist on the traditional Scale/6 accordion door. These doors come with a variety of decorative accents, like walnutone carved panels, open woven inserts, and closed woven inserts. The Scale/6D is the next step up for those with discriminating tastes.



The Scale/6® wood folding doors can accommodate openings up to a height of 10’ 1”. The strong, laminated 6-inch wide thick wood core panels used in the model come in wood veneer, vinyl or decorative high pressure laminate surfacing.

The Scale/6 wood accordion door is often the perfect choice for people looking to separate and create space. The Scale/6 can be used to separate kitchens and dining room, create a workspace in your garage, or sub-divide a basement. This is one of the most versatile doors on the market today.

Panelfold Signature


Panelfold Signature is for discriminating buyers and designers who want the look of a Scale/4 accordion door but want an extra dose of style. Wood panel connector mouldings distinguish the Signature series from other Panelfold doors.

The Signature Series is well suited to doorways and goes a conserves a great deal of space inside a home. Signature Series accordion doors are fully ADA compliant.



The Scale/4® wood folding doors are made with strong, laminated 4 inch wide, thick wood core panels and come with surfacing options like wood veneer, vinyl and decorative laminate choices. The decorative aluminum track and high quality materials used to create these accordion doors ensure your doors will slide smoothly, look great and function well for years to come.

The Scale/4 is a traditional interior accordion door solution that minimizes space consumed by traditional bi-fold or swinging doors. When stack this door takes 1/70th the space traditional doors take up.



Panelfold’s Criterion® doors can accommodate openings up to heights of 8’ 1”. They are moisture resistant and perfect for even the harshest commercial and residential environments. These accordion doors are also lightweight, permanently flame resistant and super compact, taking up 30% less space than the Scale/4® doors.

Criterion doors are some of the toughest accordion doors on the market today. They are completely moisture resistant which makes them the ideal candidate for harsh environments like laundry rooms, garages, and basements. Criterion doors are also some of the safest doors on the market; each door is completely flame resistant.



Panelfold’s Nuvo® series is made up of three different folding door models that are designed to accent either modern, traditional or contemporary interiors. These accordion doors are made with semi-transparent panels that allow light to travel through, and the durable doors will slide quietly along an overhead track for years to come.

The Halo is satin-finished accordion door that possesses a subtle turquoise hue and 1/8” transparent borders to allow for privacy while giving off a soft, luminescent glow. The Lucent folding door’s creamy white panels with crystal clear beveled half lites bring glamour and light into every room. The Visio transparent full lites have intermittent, translucent, white satin-frosted squares to allow dramatic visual and lighting effects.

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