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Woodfold has been manufacturing custom-crafted accordion doors for over 50 years. At, Accordion Doors we’re proud to be the #1 supplier of Woodfold Doors in the USA.

There’s no better choice than Woodfold accordion doors for your residential or commercial space divider needs. Woodfold accordion doors can help you create more floor space, reduce noise transmission, divide too-large areas and create more intimate rooms, and even more. For flawless functionality and the lasting durability you want in your home, office, place of business, worship or almost anywhere else, look no further than Woodfold’s accordion doors.

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Woodfold Series 440


The Series 440 provides a great option for retail and commercial business that want to give their locations an open look while preserving safety and security. The Series 440 features heavy duty acrylic panels and Woodfold’s steel hardware hinge system for easy operation.

The Woodfold Series 440 comes with a variety of options and features that are easily customized for visibility and style. These doors are also custom made to fit your doorway.

Woodfold Series 2100


The Woodfold Series 2100 is an acoustical partition best suited for commercial uses in spaces such as restaurants, offices, daycares, community centers, and other mixed use space. The Series 2100 can be used to quickly reconfigure a room while providing some measure of privacy and sound reduction. The 2100 Series is available in Vinyl-lam or natural hardwood and custom finishes.

Woodfold Series 240


Commercial/Residential Accordion Folding Doors Woodfold Series 240 door functions as instant walls and doors when needed. The exclusive steel hardware hinge system, top and bottom, provides durability and long term performance. Each Woodfold accordion door is custom made to meet exact size requirements. The availability of a wide range of custom options further expands the design capabilities of the accordion folding door concept.

The Woodfold 240 is one of the most popular and versatile accordion doors manufactured today. The Series 240 door is featured in restaurants, hotels, offices, and homes. It comes in a wide variety of finishes from natural wood to Vinyl lam, and can be equipped with curvable tracks, latches, locks and multiple meeting posts.

Woodfold Series 220


Among the benefits of the selection of Woodfold’s 220 Series door as room dividers are: space and energy conservation when used to zone for heating and air conditioning within the residential living area. Other frequent uses include separation of sleeping and living areas within efficiency-style housing units, the convenient division of basement or family room recreation areas or gallery-style kitchen facilities.

Woodfold Series 140


Residential Accordion Wardrobe / Closet Room Doors The Woodfold Series 140 is designed for easy access into closets, utility rooms or wardrobe areas. Easy installation and long term durability makes the Series 140 a perfect fit. The Series 140 incorporates Woodfold’s pin hinge hardware system, and a modified handle to take full advantage of this door’s construction.

The Woodfold 140 is a great option for single-family homes. The 140 series is often commonly used in retirement homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and college dormitories. Like every custom interior accordion door, the Series 140 is made to fit exactly to your opening. You never have to worry about trimming to fit with the Woodfold Series 140 Door.

Woodfold Series 540


The 540 Series is a special type of security accordion doors that provides a sense of openness while also providing protection for commercial businesses. Like the Series 440 doors, the Series 540 is fully customizable, combining acrylic panels with hardwood or Vinyl-Lam.

Woodfold Series 3300


The Series 3300 is the ultimate in acoustic partitioning and sound deadening accordion doors. Every Woodfold Series 3300 accordion door is perimeter-sealed and acoustic-lined for maximum sound insulation. The Series 3300 accordion door feature rigid body panels and Woodfold’s exclusive hinge system; if you are looking for an acoustic accordion door with maximum sound deadening capabilities.

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