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The entrance to our home or to the rooms within our home, is something we use every day. After some time passes, we gain a sense of familiarity while stepping into our threshold. Still, it is something sacred and something to cherish. You should love every aspect of your home including the doors, walls, and room partitions. Your home is a space all to your own, where you should relax and truly enjoy yourself.
Whether the doors in our home are sliding, bifold, decorative or custom– we should take pride in these doors both inside and outside of our home. Something custom is an excellent notion for any persons looking to give their home a personal touch. Show off your exact flair and personality to anyone who enters your home.

A Brief History on Doors and Entryways

Many people are unaware of the fascinating history of the doors we now use every single day- or rather, an earlier version of them. Here at Accordion Doors, We sell security doors, partitions and roll ups. We enjoy delivering quality items to our loyal customers each and every day. It is important to us that we share some of the more interesting history and importance of the doors we now use every single day.
The earliest records of doors are those represented in the paintings of the Egyptian tombs. In these paintings, they are shown as single or double doors, each in a single piece of wood. In Egypt the climate is so dry, there would be no fear of the doors warping. In other countries however, this would pose a problem and it would be necessary to frame them.

Materials Most Often used

The most ancient doors were in timber, those made for King Solomon’s temple being in olive wood, which were carved and overlaid with gold. The doors dwelt upon in Homer would appear to have been cased in silver or brass. Aside from Olive wood, elm, cedar, oak and cypress were used. There is  a 5,000-year-old door that was found by archaeologists in Switzerland. One of the oldest known to date. All ancient doors were hung by pivots at the top and bottom of the hanging stile which worked in sockets in the lintel and sill, the latter being always in some hard stone such as basalt or granite.
We hope you found this history and background on the door interesting. Many of our products stem from this history and we always strive to create doors that are convenient, stylish, and of the highest quality. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a consultation. By phone, please call 1-424-282-0525

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