Woodfold® Custom Roll-Up Doors

At Accordion Doors, we’re proud to provide you with quality, durable custom roll-up doors from Woodfold®. For over 50 years Woodfold® has supplied the nation with custom-crafted accordion doors, roll-up doors and more. Although times have changed since Woodfold® was established in 1957, their commitment to providing quality products at a great value has not.

Functional, Stylish Roll-Up Doors

Whether you’re looking for roll-up doors to camouflage a wet bar at home, or to secure doors for a bank or hotel, Woodfold®’s roll-up doors add both security and aesthetics to any setting: finance offices, concession stands, commercial stores, bars, schools, coffee shops… basically anyone can use and benefit from custom roll-up doors!

Also referred to as counter shutters, these wood counter shutters are precision handcrafted and always finished to match any decor or architectural detail of your choice. No matter where you install your wood counter roll-up, Woodfold®’s doors will add an elegant finishing touch every time.

About Woodfold®

Whether it’s a custom wood counter shutter, commercial folding doors or even custom folding doors for your home, Woodfold® is committed to manufacturing great products and providing you with perfect solutions. Since the early 1990s, Woodfold® has also been conscientious of the environment and aims to minimize their environmental impact as they create durable, long lasting accordion doors and shutters for you.

For complimentary impact, consider adding a custom-crafted Accordion Door to your project, as well.


Available in FSC certified woods

Woodfold® is certified to manufacture and sell FSC hardwood roll-up doors. FSC products may be used toward LEED® credits and other green building programs that require certified sustainable wood products.

Stains & Finishes

While it’s our woodworking process that sets Woodfold® custom Roll-Up Doors apart, you’ll also appreciate the absolute consistency of our factory finish. Each piece of every door is individually finished prior to assembly in order to assure flawless coverage.

Our use of the finest natural hardwoods enables us to apply rich, gorgeous finishes. Choose from factory finished clear lacquers or custom stains and/or paints that match your existing millwork or décor. All factory clear coat finishes designated Sherwin Williams GreenSure products.

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