Acoustic Accordion Doors

We carry high quality and affordable acoustical accordion room dividers, accordion folding doors and more noise reducing, acoustical accordion partitions from brand names you trust like Panelfold®, Curtition and Cornell.

Panelfold® Acoustical Accordion Partitions

Panelfold® has been an innovative leader in the accordion folding door, acoustical accordion partition and the operable and relocatable accordion wall and room divider industry.

Panelfold® accordion partitions are trouble free and each is custom made every time to fit your unique space. Panelfold® accordion partitions have become the product of choice due to their durability, affordable price and quality craftsmanship.

We carry a variety of Panelfold® acoustical folding partitions in a variety of styles for your convenience, including non-acoustical forms and portable doors.

Curtition Acoustical Accordion Partitions

For high quality and always stylish accordion folding doors, accordion operable walls, accordion partitions and movable room dividers, search no further than Curtition.

Curtition accordion room dividers are the perfect, quick and economical way to divide a meeting room or teaching space. Designed to meet the sight and acoustical needs of basically any job, Curtition accordion room dividers are often used in commercial settings such as convention centers, but they make a great choice for really any environment.

Founded in 1949, Curtition has worked its way up from its humble beginnings to become an industry leader in the accordion door business. Machinery and manufacturing processes are often updated to provide the best quality and widest range of accordion partition door products available.

Cornell Acoustical Steel Accordion Folding Doors

Cornell Iron Works has been in business since 1828. Today, they manufacture some of the best folding accordion doors and products available. Their accordion doors fit minimal headroom openings and can accommodate an opening of virtually any width. Cornell creates accordion door models designed to provide automatic closing in the event of a fire, models that provide privacy and particularly security, and more.

These interior accordion doors stored virtually out of sight when not in use to allow a clean look and full use of your space. When you do want to divide or close off an area, the accordion wall panels can easily be moved into place allowing for easy, convenient and private space separation.

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