Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors

Whether you are searching for white accordion closet doors or classic wood accordion folding doors, our store has the folding door you are looking for. We offer a full range of custom-fitted, designer accordion doors perfect for your home, condominium or office. These folding doors can add a breathtaking finish to any space.

The best part? Our customer service department consists of specialists in accordion doors, with 100+ years combined experience. When you need a hand, call us and you’ll receive professional advice on customizing your folding door order.

Accordion Doors - Woodfold Accordion Doors

Buy Woodfold from a 4-Time Best of Houzz Award-Winning Accordion Door Distributor

Accordion doors, especially Woodfold accordion doors, are popular choices with both homeowners and commercial outlets seeking to maximize space.

In business since 1996, Specialty Doors & Hardware carries the full line of Woodfold Manufacturing’s accordion doors. Made to order in Oregon, USA, these folding partitions are versatile. With Woodfold accordion doors, you get outstanding value for money: they’re durable, and they won’t set you back later in repairs and replacement.

Woodfold gives you access to a selection of commercial and residential doors in many vinyl finishes, hardwood veneers and vinyl imitation woodgrains (or a custom finish of your choosing). In addition, you’ll find acrylic (Series 440 and 540) and aluminum (640 and 740) folding security doors. Not only are they strong & secure; they’re also eye-catching.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Few Woodfold dealers are backed by 25+ years specialized experience in folding door hardware and interior design, let alone 100+ combined years experience.

Make one phone call (or request an email quote), and our 4-time Best of Houzz award-winning design veterans will walk you through a complete customization procedure to ensure your Woodfold accordion door is manufactured to not just exact specs, but your exact vision.

Shop below. For custom jobs, call or email us.

Accordion Doors - Woodfold Accordion Doors - Hufcor Accordion Doors

Hufcor Accordion Doors

Hufcor Design 3100, 4100 Acoustic Accordion Partitions

Hufcor’s Accordion Partitions are a fast, easy way to shape space and enhance sound control. Two models are available, 3100 (31STC) and 4100 (41STC).

Also known as room dividers, accordion walls and concertina doors, accordion partitions are an ideal sight and sound barrier for interiors that require frequent flexibility in space division and are available in a wide range of contemporary fabrics.

Benefits of Hufcor Design Accordion Partitions

  • Fast setup and adjustment
  • No floor tracks intruding on your spaces, creating tripping hazards or collecting debris.
  • Our accordion partitions provide years of smooth, easy folding action and allows the doors to easily maneuver.
  • The laminated cover construction adds strength and stability to the door.
  • A selection of heavy duty aluminum track systems are available to accommodate various ceiling conditions.
  • Accordion partitions are a fast and economical way to divide space.

Woodfold’s Hufcor Design Accordion Partitions are custom designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of your space.  Accordion walls consist of two laminated covers assembled to steel pantographs supported by aluminum-covered steel channel posts at each end.  The Hufcor Design Accordion Partitions are easy to operate, durable and come in a wide variety of options and finishes.

Sound Transmission Class:

The Hufcor Design 3100 and 4100 Accordion Partition has a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 31 and 41 respectively. The specific test procedure is defined by ASTM E90.

Accordion Doors - Woodfold Accordion Doors - Woodfold Closet Doors

Woodfold Closet Doors

Accordion Doors - Screenflex Portable Partitions

The Screenflex Portable Partitions are a fantastic option for any workspace that requires a temporary or permanent barrier. These partitions can be used for anything from separating and organizing a room to creating a private office.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to change the layout of your conference room or you need a portable barrier for an event or construction site, these partitions can get the job done easily. is your choice Screenflex supplier — our staff knows these products in and out. Ask us, and you get the best partition for your needs.