Archived: May 2015

Why Architects and Designers Love Accordion Folding Doors

Folding doors have been around for a long time, providing a variety of design resources and solutions to homes and businesses that can’t benefit from traditional doors. These doors are most often recalled as closet doors generally, but they have a lot more applications in the...  Read more ››

Who Really Uses Accordion Doors? The Answer Might Surprise You

Accordion doors are a hot design feature right now in the high-end design industry. Believe it or not, these doors aren’t just space savers made of cheap materials to solve the problem of traditional doors in small areas. These doors might have started out that...  Read more ››

Rev Up Your Renovation Projects with Accordion Glass Doors

Accordion doors are a great feature to add to any home design, and they can provide a lot of unique elements that you wouldn’t get from a traditional door. Most people think of these doors and assume they’re a boring, functional solution for small spaces...  Read more ››

Top Design Ideas for 2015: High-End is In, Accordion Doors are Hot

There are a lot of great design trends going on right now, with a focus on high-end features and elegant finishes. Bold colors, minimalism, handmade and custom items, and fixtures that are as artistic as they are functional are all hot in the interior design...  Read more ››

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