Top Design Ideas for 2015: High-End is In, Accordion Doors are Hot


There are a lot of great design trends going on right now, with a focus on high-end features and elegant finishes. Bold colors, minimalism, handmade and custom items, and fixtures that are as artistic as they are functional are all hot in the interior design market, giving architects and designers plenty of inspiration and ways to go with their own designs. If youre planning a project and you want a unique design, you just have to see whats hot right now.

Accordion doors are one of the high-end design features that are taking rooms to a whole new level when it comes to looks. These arent your typical cheap, basic accordion doors that you find in trailers or campers, but high-end, customized doors that feature plenty of different finishes and details that can create the perfect look in any home. Interior accordion doors are available in a variety of finishes and styles, giving you the chance to outfit your new design with the perfect door. A lot of people are even using accordion-style doors to open up their living space by turning their walls into sliding doors to combine the inside and outside living spaces. In cities like L.A., this indoor-outdoor living combination is popular.

Marble, concrete, and other sleek materials are popular for counters, walls, and other surfaces. These make great backsplashes, and can even be used with sliding doors if you want something heavy-duty, industrial, and stylish. The custom options for interior accordion doors are vast, giving everyone the chance to get what they need no matter what they are searching for.

Another big trend in design right now is upcycling– using items that were once for another purpose in an alternate space or function in the room. Take the sliding barn door for example. These doors often come from other projects and are repurposed to add a new design to a home or business. There are plenty of upcycling projects and DIY design ideas on sites like Pinterest and Houzz to inspire any room in the home.

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