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Customers can’t order accordion doors directly from Woodfold Manufacturing — you get them from Woodfold distributors. There are many suppliers in America and worldwide, but few know their product in and out. Specialty Doors’ Accordion-Doors.com is one such distributor.

Our support staff has decades of experience in interior design and customizing door hardware. With their know-how, your custom accordion door order becomes easy, efficient, and well worth the time & effort. In short, you get it right the first time.

Here’s the low down on Woodfold distributors:

What are Woodfold doors?

Woodfold Manufacturing makes custom doors that easily and effectively transform spaces into works of art. The most well-known of these are accordion doors, which open & close by folding in an accordion shape — making them highly portable.

Because they slide from left to right, they save many feet of space – which is otherwise occupied by the massive swing radius of a traditional door.

Accordion doors can also soundproof rooms in seconds; they can help regulate temperature (such as the residential Woodfold 220); and the Woodfold 540 can easily provide security. In addition, accordion doors can divide a big room into multiple pieces, create unique room arrangements, and more. They have boundless applications in homes and commercial spaces.

Not all accordion doors are alike. There are many different options to choose from, and it can be hard to know which ones will fit your space best.

Woodfold Manufacturing offers a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes for their accordion doors. This gives you the freedom to customize your door in any way that fits your specific needs.

The question is: how do you customize your accordion door, and what’s the best option for you?

How do I choose an accordion door?

Leave that to the door specialists. You are here at Specialty Doors’ Accordion Doors division – the best Woodfold distributor in the country. Call us, and you’ll reach an interior design/hardware professional. Tell us the style you want, and we’ll match the best Woodfold door to your requirements.

Measure your space, enter those measurements on our online store, and before long, the Woodfold door you want will arrive at your doorstep, made to order perfectly for your project.

Whether your style demands traditional wood veneer or vinyl laminate; stained colors, painted, or custom decorations; we’ve got it.

With over 2 decades of experience serving customers, we’re confident that you’ll get what you need when it comes time for an upgrade or new addition.

Where is Accordion-Doors.com located?

Accordion-Doors.com, an official Woodfold distributor, is located in California, and we ship worldwide, meeting the demands of both our American and international customers. And for customers in the lower 48 (the contiguous U.S.), we offer free shipping.

Are accordion doors easy to install?

The accordion doors we sell are easy to install. In fact, those are the kinds of doors we choose to stock. We can speak to the ease of installation and use of Woodfold doors – just ask!

Where to buy Woodfold accordion doors?

You can buy the full range of Woodfold accordion doors right here at Accordion-Doors.com. 25+ years experience & expertise are what make us your Woodfold supplier of choice.

Don’t compromise on customer service — get direct help from our seasoned Woodfold door specialists. Find your measurements, shop our selection and make a custom order online, or call 1-424-282-0525 to discuss orders for commercial projects.


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