540 Commercial Acrylic Accordion Doors

  • Panels: Acrylic panels (transparent clear or bronze) inserted into aluminum side channels (clear, bronze, gold, sand or white) yielding 4¼” overall width.
  • Panel Connectors: Rigid vinyl hinge over steel rod
  • Track: 1-1/8″ x 1″ aluminum, dark bronze, clear or gold finish. For Recessed or Curvable I-Beam track, contact us for quote.
  • Wheels: Nylon wheels on steel axles with ball bearing supplied as standard
  • Lead Post: ¾” x 2-¾” aluminum, color-coordinated to side channels
  • Latch: Keylock on both sides (front and back) standard. Other options available
  • Jamb Molding: 1″ wide x 3/8″ deep aluminum
  • Handle: Molded PVC with finger recess
  • Width: Crafted to any width
  • Height: Up to 10′ 1″
  • Stacking Space: 1 ¼” per foot plus 2 ¾” for lead post

* Woodfold’s Series 140, 220, 240, 440 and 540 have been tested for ADA compliance for opening load force per ADA/BOMA SEC 4.1311. Tests were conducted by MEI Charlton, Inc., Portland, OR. Certain ADA applications may call for specific handle location placement which should be specified when door is ordered.

The 540 Series is a special type of security accordion doors that provides a sense of openness while also providing protection for commercial businesses. Like the Series 440 doors, the Series 540 is fully customizable, combining acrylic panels with hardwood or Vinyl-Lam.

Please call 866-815-8151

Woodfold Vinyl-Lam Color Chart – Click Here

Woodfold Natural Hardwood Veneers Color Chart- Click Here

  • Surface mount track is standard. Contact us for quote on Recessed Hat Channel and Curvable I-Beam Tracks.
  • All our doors are made to order based your actual finished width x height of your opening. If your size isn't shown, select the next size up for pricing/material purposes and state your actual size in the note box below. For widths wider than 25', contact us for quote. For combination of acrylic and solid panel doors, call or email for quote Ph: 866.815.8151
  • Please specify Exact Finished Opening Dimensions when placing your order. Width x Height.
  • Determining stacking side: Facing the front of the door determine which jamb side the door will push back and stack against. Double-ended unit is a single door that has a Keylocks on both the left and right sides of the door. A Pair, parts in the center.
  • If your door(s) are sliding into a pocket(s), specify the configuration here. If not, select None.
  • Keylocks on both front and backsides is standard for the 540 model. Key lock variations available.
  • Footlocks available for bottom of the door.
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Hardwood Color Chart

Woodfold Hardwood Veneers Color Chart

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Vinyl-Lam Color Chart

Solids & Textures

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Vinyl-Lam Woodgrains

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