Choosing the Ideal Door for Soundproofing

So you’re trying to soundproof your home, office or business. Well, there are a variety of soundproof doors to choose from, such as elephant doors, accordion doors and sliding barn doors. Which of them you select depends on the type of room you’re trying to soundproof. Each of the doors are designed in a way that makes them suitable for certain environments. Let’s take a look at these doors to see which would be ideal for the space you’re soundproofing.

Accordion Doors add a sound proofing element to your space.

Accordion Doors add a sound proofing element to your space.

Accordion Doors

Folding doors have a unique design that makes them functional and easy on the eyes. They can be easily integrated into just about any room. This is an ideal choice for a variety of settings. For example, if you own a hotel, you can implement accordion doors into large areas, such as the cafeteria, meeting rooms, multi-purpose rooms and anywhere else privacy may be desired.

For large office spaces, accordion doors can be used to section off areas, providing privacy and sound barriers for workers. Accordion folding doors can also be found in other public venues, such as airports and restaurants. They come in different colors and are made from various materials. You can even have them custom designed to fit within the décor of the room they’re being installed into.

These doors can be integrated into a variety of settings where soundproofing is needed. However, there are other soundproof doors you should consider for rooms that require a higher grade of soundproofing.

Elephant Doors

Elephant doors are gigantic in size and are commonly used for soundproofing very large spaces. Think of an airport hangar, sound stage or factory. These facilities are pretty big and typically have large door openings for transporting machines, props, boxes and other large items. In order to seal off these large openings, elephant doors are needed. These are excellent for ensuring that no sound enters or leaves a space. This is the primary reason why they are used for sound stages.

A sound stage is a place where movie scenes are recorded. Soundproofing is essential for recording sounds and dialogue without interference. Elephant doors have and still are the preferred method for soundproofing sound stages.

Sliding Barn Doors

In the home, there are areas where you may want to soundproof. Sliding barn doors are an excellent choice because they provide aesthetic appeal and have acoustic properties. Barn doors are designed with beautiful thick wood, making them the perfect solution for your soundproofing needs. They can be easily installed using sliding barn door hardware.

One great place to have barn doors installed is the office. This is where you take important phone calls, perform work or have meetings with clients. So having this space soundproofed makes a whole lot of sense.

The bedroom is another area that you may want to soundproof. Again, barn doors are an ideal choice. If space allows, you can have them implemented with no problem. Plus, they make attractive additions for most bedroom designs. There are also all types of sliding barn door hardware to choose from, allowing you to easily match it with your vintage, contemporary, modern or rustic decor.

Selecting the Perfect Soundproof Doors

So what’s the best soundproof doors for you? Well, it depends on the type of property you have and which room you’re trying to soundproof. Accordion doors and barn doors are perfect for private settings like offices, restaurants, hotels and stores. For industrial settings, elephant doors are the best choice (as long as there is a large enough opening). The good news is that all of these door styles can be customized to your liking. The next step now is finding a distributor that sells quality soundproof doors!

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