Wooden Folding Doors for Functionality & Allure


It’s not always easy coming up with home design ideas that are both riveting and functional. You tend to find decorations and furniture that are one or the other. That’s partly why so many homeowners have fallen in love with Woodfold accordion doors. These remarkable doors are anything but ordinary, displaying features that are unprecedented, yet desirable. Woodfold pieces are worth a peek if you’re looking for beautiful accordion closet doors, delightful room dividers or anything else in between.

woodfold accordion door

Create Your Own Secret Passage

Who doesn’t find the idea of a secret doorway admirable? We’ve seen them in sexy spy movies and in impeccable mansions featured in magazines. However, you don’t have to be James Bond or Lara Croft to have your own covert passage. The Woodfold Bookcase Door is an excellent piece you can add to your home. You can use it as an entryway to a hidden room or for something popularly used, like a study. It’s designed with durability in mind, so you don’t have to worry about damage caused by heavy foot traffic. You can use it for a wall safe, wine storage or for your closets and pantries. These doors are space-saving, distinctive and worth every penny!

Divide Space with Style

It doesn’t matter if you have an industrial, commercial or residential property. Woodfold offers a great selection of accordion doors you can use to tastefully divide spaces. The 240Series comes in many sizes and colors, making them attractive options for an office, kitchen or bedroom. You can implement them in a variety of ways, such as to close off your kitchen pass through or to divide your living room and dining area. They come in a number of finishes, including natural hardwoods, solid vinyls, textured vinyls, woodgrain vinyls, custom stain finishes and custom paint finishes.

Make Your Closet Unique

Get rid of the typical sliding closet door and install a seamless accordion closet door. These are perfect for single-family homes, dormitories, hospitality facilities and wherever else you may have a closet. Woodfold’s Series 140 accordion doors offer exceptional pieces to choose from.

Integrate See-Through Folding Doors

This is an innovative way to provide security and style to your commercial establishment. The panels of the Woodfold Series 440 accordion doors can turn, allowing an unobstructed view inside of your store or restaurant. You can use it to divide space or secure it. The Visifold line is completely customizable as well!

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