Consider this When Buying Doors for Your Commercial Building

Your commercial property should be designed with safety in mind. Doors play a major role in the security of a building. The doors you select should offer functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. They don’t have to be the most attractive doors on the block, but they should at least look the part. You can have custom accordion doors designed to suit whatever design you have. Accordion folding doors can be a useful tool for providing organization and sound-proofing. If you’re thinking about replacing the doors in your facility, or are still in the planning phase of your new construction, keep the following aspects in mind.

Accordion folding doors are useful and efficient in commercial spaces

Accordion folding doors are useful and efficient in commercial spaces

Building Regulations

Commercial properties obviously have different regulations than a residential home. Make sure to check the building regulations before choosing a door. The regulations will dictate what types of doors are needed and where.

Fire Rating

Every door has a fire rating. If you need fire-proof doors for your establishment, make sure to pay attention to the requirements. Fire doors are designed meticulously and must be installed and maintained a certain way.


You may want sound-proofing in precise areas of your building. Some doors provide higher sound reduction than others. Acoustic-designed accordion folding doors can be selected for office spaces, cafeterias and other parts of your facility that can grow a bit noisy.


The door you choose for the parking garage will be a lot different than the door you select for the office. Keep in mind the level of security required for different areas of your establishment. You can find a great assortment of rolling grille doors that can safeguard locations with large entrances. Custom accordion doors are the perfect solution for access control.


Wood is the most common material used for doors, but there are others to choose from. Accordion doors can be purchased in vinyl, steel, aluminum or wood. If you’re worried about fire and security, you should opt for a metal material.


The finish is everything if you’re looking for aesthetic appeal. You can choose between paint, varnish, veneer and a host of others.

Locks and Handles

Handles designed with accessibility in mind can be chosen if this is a concern for you. Locks should also be chosen based on the level of security desired. Custom accordion doors can be designed with the accessibility and security features you desire.

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