Archived: June 2014

Three Reasons To Buy Accordion Doors

  1. Atmosphere Accordion or panel doors can add an elegance to your residence or business while simultaneously comfortably dividing rooms for privacy. Multiple options are available to fit the decor of any space.   2. Noise Reduction Various accordion doors, including vinyl and steel...  Read more ››

3 Ways to Add Comfort and Style to your Living Room

  Create a focal point – A focal point anchors the room you’re designing with a point of attention. This allows you to expand upon the general style of the focal point for a stronger design. Promote conversation – Arrange the seats in a way...  Read more ››

Mix It Up! Different Types of Doors for Your Home

Dutch – The Dutch door is perfect for homeowners with adventurous pets. The top and bottom of the door open separately, so if you want to let some air in, you don’t have to worry about letting your pet out. Accordion – This door is...  Read more ››

Why Accordion Doors are great for Your Home

Versatility: Accordion doors can be used a variety of different ways in your home. They can be used to separate two rooms, as an entrance to your porch, or as closet doors! Cost effective: Accordion doors are a great alternative to a new wall or...  Read more ››

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