Space-Saving, Chic and Affordable Ideas for Your Home

Your home should be a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. But this isn’t always possible, especially if it lacks space and organization. A home that showcases functionality makes it easier and more enjoyable to live in.  The great news is that you can create functionality, at the same time improving the look and feel of your home. One trend we’re seeing is the use of accordion doors. Following are some ideas you can implement into your home today!

Dividing Rooms Using Chic Accordion Doors

Beautifully featured accordion doors

Beautifully featured accordion doors

This concept can be used in both large and small homes. If you have a smaller home, you may have a floor plan that’s less than desirable. For instance, the kitchen may open up to a dining room or living room. An interior accordion door can be used to separate the two rooms elegantly. On the contrary, in a larger home, folding doors can be used to separate a large bedroom or living room to create a separate room that can be used for something else.

Installing Library Ladders for High Shelves

If you’re not already implementing more shelves into your home, then you’re not making best use of vertical space. Don’t worry if you have tall ceilings – you can still reach shelves at these heights using a rolling library ladder. These come in an array of styles, models, colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the ideal one for your home’s set up.

Switching Out Traditional Doors with Barn Doors

The issue with the traditional doors we find throughout the home is that they take up a lot of space. They open wide, taking up space that could otherwise be used for something else. To combat this issue, barn doors can be installed using flat track barn door hardware. For large doorways, you can opt for double barn doors. These all slide open from left to right, similar to accordion doors.

Designing your home with space-saving in mind can be done using any or all of the above suggestions. These are affordable ways to save and make use of space, so that your home becomes more functional.

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