Who Really Uses Accordion Doors? The Answer Might Surprise You


Accordion doors are a hot design feature right now in the high-end design industry. Believe it or not, these doors aren’t just space savers made of cheap materials to solve the problem of traditional doors in small areas. These doors might have started out that way, but they have come much further and offer a lot more than you think. Folding doors are used all over in high-end design, both in residential and commercial spaces. If you aren’t familiar with the popularity of these doors, here are just a few common places you’ll find accordion doors:

  • Upscale hotels and resorts often use stylish, modern folding doors to separate conference rooms and ballrooms. They might also use partitions and portable walls to divide space and create a flexible floor plan, as well.
  • High-end home designs always fare well with accordion door installation. Imagine instead of having a simple sliding door to open to your backyard that you have an entire wall to open. With folding accordion doors, those million-dollar makeovers are turning homes into resorts of their own kind and bringing the outdoors in.


  • Accordion folding doors are still used for space saving designs and function, too. The only difference is that the designs are much more elegant and the selection of custom styles will ensure that everyone gets a door that looks as good as it works.
  • The accordion door is a great tool for businesses that need non traditional door solutions. These doors separate rooms, provide partitions and doors where you might not otherwise be able to put them, and provide a more visually appealing way to outfit the building with all of the furnishings that it needs.
  • Accordion doors are really popular with those who are designing and living in the small spaces of today’s high-end home market. It’s a huge trend for people to live big in small spaces and these doors come in handy in so many installations, from apartment living to micro-houses that are committed to reducing the environmental impact that one has.


There is no limit to who can benefit from investing in accordion doors. Before you assume anything, you have to explore accordion folding doors for the 21st century so that you know what you’re working with. These doors come in all kinds of designs and finishes, giving you the chance to finish off any room with style.

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