Brings You the Best Accordion Folding Doors in the Industry


Accordion-Doors is the leading supplier of Woodfold® and Panelfold® Doors in the United States. With that comes the opportunity for us to bring you the best names in accordion folding doors, including all the different brands and styles that are available today. Accordion doors are ideal partitions for many applications, from security to soundproofing, space division, and especially for a good-looking solution to space-saving needs. There are styles and models available for all residential and commercial applications.

Panelfold® is a global leader in accordion doors, serving the industry since 1953. The company has humble beginnings but through a lot of improvements and expansions, it has become one of the largest suppliers in the world of accordion folding doors. The company has licensed distributors and manufacturers in 54 countries around the world. As the first to invent, patent, and commercialize the accordion doors style, Panelfold® is committed to creating the most innovative, best engineered doors available today.

In addition to the reputation of being the best, Panelfold® also has a large selection of doors to choose from, which you can see at Accordion-doors. They offer wooden partitions, vinyl doors, laminate finishes, and so many other options for the perfect accordion folding doors for any application. They even offer modern styles to set any home design apart, as well as acoustical panels that will help divide space and provide sound enhancement.

Speaking of sound enhancement, Panelfold® has a full collection of accordion folding doors that are designed to offer sound isolation and soundproofing for various commercial and residential needs. These partitions are also attractive, so buyers get the best of design and function in one. Panelfold® doors and partitions are used in schools, hotels and convention centers, religious facilities, corporate offices, restaurants, homes, and so many other applications where an alternative partition or door is needed.

Accordion-doors is also the #1 U.S. supplier for Woodfold® accordion doors, another company that has been in the industry for over 50 years. These doors are designed for function and style, offering the chance to create flexible rooms, divide space, reduce noise, and more. These doors are made with exclusive steel hardware systems to provide the most durability for long-term use in any application. There are commercial and residential styles to choose from, as well as a variety of materials and custom finishes that can be added to any partition or accordion folding door that you choose.

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