Custom Accordion Doors vs. DIY Projects: What You Should Know


Accordion doors have been around for a long time, but they have been coming back into style more recently. Originally designed for function, folding doors offer a unique design element for any home that wants something a little different. There are plenty of custom doors on the market to choose from, along with projects and DIY products at local home improvement stores. A lot of people aren’t sure which is the better option, because doing the work yourself might be cheaper but a custom door is definitely going to be much more unique.

DIY door projects require some knowledge of doors and how they work. When you’re dealing with accordion doors specifically, the unique hardware and features of these doors could be hard to duplicate without skilled expertise. Not only that, but some installations of these doors require very specific measurements and installation procedures, so it can be risky to try doing it on your own. There are savings to be found in doing projects yourself, of course, but you have to consider what you’re sacrificing in the process.

It’s always best to work with professionals when you are going to install accordion doors into a renovation or new construction project. The expertise of people who have been in the industry for many years is invaluable, as are the customized door solutions that they offer. They will provide you with high-quality doors, custom design options and measurements, and give you a full selection of different folding doors for any need you might have. Plus, they know how to make the most of these doors as a design feature, which helps anyone looking for something beyond function in their doors.

DIY weekend projects are a lot of fun, and there are plenty that you can enjoy using doors if you take the time to look. The internet is full of DIY inspiration, thanks to sites like Pinterest and Houzz. When it comes to the accordion folding door, though, it’s really better to order custom doors from companies that have reputable, high-quality products and expertise in the industry.

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