Bring the Outdoors In: The Best Design Features for Combining Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Space


There is a growing trend right now in home design to create a flexible living space that can combine the outdoors into the home living area. The goal is to create more space and a flexible layout design so that the flow works well and can deliver all of the different uses that people have in mind for this kind of look. There are a lot of different features and design concepts that you can use to make this happen, but here are some of the best ways to combine your living spaces and make the most of any home.

  • Your outdoor space should be partially covered. A small area of patio that includes an overhang will help enhance the idea that you are simply extending your living space in the home. Plus, it’s harder to realize that you’re in a different space (outdoors) when there’s a ceiling above.
  • Orient the spaces so that they have the same view and a similar, functional layout. With folding doors, you can enjoy having two separate spaces and easily converting them into one. If you don’t position the furniture in the room accordingly, you’ll miss out on great views and some of the big benefits of combining living spaces.
  • Use the same flooring and avoid steps. If you can keep the indoor and outdoor spaces at the same level, it will feel more like a single space with a really good flow. Choose one tile to use or find a wood floor that matches decking.
  • Investigate accordion folding doors and all that they have to offer before you decide on what you’ll use in your space. There is something for everyone and it’s going to be up to you to find the styles that you like best.
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