Top Five Accordion Folding Doors: What Styles are Hot This Season?

Accordion Closet DoorsThe interior accordion doors that are on the market today are designed to help you get more out of your investment in renovations and upscale designs. The high-end design market is full of great concepts for cutting-edge designs and folding doors are on that list. Accordion style doors are unique because of the way that they work. Modern styles are popular because they are simply designed with the latest features and looks to turn heads and make an impression.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your accordion folding doors, you can find plenty of it online. Sites like Houzz and Pinterest will be able to show you how everyone is incorporating these doors into their home and give you great ideas. Also, you can check out this year’s hottest accordion folding doors right here.

The Hottest Styles

The glass accordion folding door is a popular choice in modern design. Not only does it lend all the benefits of accordion doors, but it offers a sleek, stylish finish that makes it great for any location. It’s even a cool feature to replace doors and walls on the exterior of your home to bring the outside in.

The panel folding doors are popular in today’s market, as well. Panel-style doors feature a design or finish that is unique to each panel, such as etched glass on top and a wooden finish on the bottom. There are plenty to choose from, and they’re sure to make a statement.

Small folding doors are still hot for spaces like utility rooms and bathrooms that don’t have the need for a traditional door. The simple, clean lines of a basic folding door is a lot more stylish than some people realize.

The partition style folding doors and screens are also a big hit right now. These are made to fit into any space, and will be able to open in many different positions. Plus, they allow for all kinds of great designs and finishes when you customize the look.

Acoustic accordion doors still take the market share in many places, as people need function as much as they do fashion. Accordion folding doors that feature acoustic benefits are going to be ideal for studios, worship spaces, and more.

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