5 Features of Accordion Doors Everyone Will Love

The accordion folding doors that are on the market today are different than anything else that has been seen before in the design world. Modern high-end design offers a lot of innovative features like this, giving people the chance to get creative with their home renovations and designs and create the perfect space. Folding doors aren’t just for tight spaces or functional needs. There are many different stylish models available in today’s market to give everyone the chance to get a great door for their home that offers as much use as it does aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re familiar with these doors or not, there are definitely some features that are more popular than ever. Accordion folding doors have a lot to offer, including the following awesome elements:

● Customized designs built to size for every installation. Unlike traditional doors that are made in standard sizes, accordion doors come in all sizes and are custom fit to the space where they are installed. You never have to worry about if it will fit or not because they will make it work.

● The ability to have any combination of open panels at any given time. You can open one side of the door, push it to the middle, or even open it completely. If you just want a small crack, you can do that. If you need the door halfway open but you don’t need it opened completely, it will stay where you put it. The track that the door is on will affect its sliding and staying abilities, but there are hardware accessories to assist in your flexibility with this door too.

● Glass panels and etched designs that add as much aesthetic appeal to your home as they do function. A lot of people are choosing the folding doors not because they need them, but simply because they like the style much better than traditional doors. Fabric panels, wooden panels, and hand-crafted designs are plentiful in the selection of accordion doors interior styles available today.

● Custom hardware is a big hit with designers and architects, as well as homeowners. Once you’ve chosen the accordion door you’re installing, you can go through the selection of custom sliding door hardware that’s available to ensure that you get a great design that fits your tastes and accents your door perfectly.

● Affordable, durable designs for sight, sound, and security use. These doors aren’t just for looks. They serve a purpose, and there are styles for every need. Soundproofing panels and security folding doors are available for home and business use in addition to standard accordion doors, making it easy for everyone to get the door solutions that they need when a traditional door just won’t do.

Accordion folding doors are all about style these days, and they’re one of the hottest design concepts on the market right now. Custom door solutions are going to accent your home’s design and give you a whole new look to love, no matter what you have in mind. Accordion doors are made of all kinds of materials, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use alike, making them a great choice for any home design.

Some people are looking for inspiration, while others might just be trying to see what’s out there or what others are doing in their homes. Regardless, you can find plenty of resources on Pinterest and Houzz to show off the great styles that you can get from these fun, functional accordion doors.

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