The Best Installations of Accordian Doors

Accordian doors look great in many places throughout the home and commercial spaces. There are different styles that are available, and customization features make it easy for every installation to look better than anything you’ve ever seen in the home when it comes to doors. Folding door styles are plentiful, and there are definitely some that are more popular than others, but they all have a place if they’re something that you like. Here are some great accordian doors installations to help you get inspired for your own designs:

Accordion Door Installation 1

This is the Halo accordion door, offering a stylish separation of space that still allows light through and gives you the option to open things up to any degree with doors on both sides.

accordion doors installation 2

This model shows just how creative you can get with folding doors, combining the outdoor and indoor living spaces with exterior doors that fold open and closed with ease.

accordion door installation 3


This is from the Sonicwall collection, showcasing a beautiful separated space that also has soundproofing and acoustic features. It’s great for the office, conference center, or even hotel meeting rooms. They can be used in studios, too.

Accordion Door installation 4

Here, you see high-end folding partitions dividing what seems to be a party or conference center. These doors are indicative of the full selection of styles and custom designs that are available in today’s accordian doors.

accordion doors installation 5


These French-inspired folding doors are a great tool for making the most of space in a smaller home. They offer style and elegance while still providing the space-saving design that people need.

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