Top 10 Uses of Accordion Doors in 2015

accordion doors in 2015Accordion folding doors can be used in so many different ways. While many people don’t realize the potential of modern, high-end accordian doors, they have plenty of opportunities to stand out as design features in the home or business. Right now, this is one of the most popular design features on the market, giving everyone the chance to spruce up any space with a great alternative to traditional doors.

Of course, as with any design trend, some installations are more popular than others. Whether you’re trying to get inspired for your own design or you are just curious about what’s hot right now, there is a lot out there that you will find when it comes to accordion doors in modern design. Here are some of the most popular uses for accordion folding doors in the home and commercial space:

1. The Meeting Room Divider: Accordion doors can be installed along any doorway or wall to divide spaces in a commercial building. For hotels and conference centers, heavy-duty soundproof doors are the best choice, providing space division and total privacy for business clients that need the space. With many different designs and styles to choose from, a custom door is just a few clicks away.

2. The Living Space Divider: People love open floor plans, but they aren’t always conducive to the things you need or the ways that you utilize space. Because of this, people seek out things like accordion doors to help give them flexibility in their living space. A folding door can easily separate space when needed, and open up the entire home when you want a more flowing space or need more room.

3. The Off-the-Kitchen Cover-Up: For bathrooms, utility rooms, and even pantries that aren’t pretty to look at or that don’t match up with your kitchen design, these doors are a great choice. You can choose an elegant design that matches your new kitchen and hides away the spaces that you don’t want people to see immediately. It’s great for getting rid of clutter and keeping those other rooms out of sight when you have company.

4. The Alternative Closet Door: Typically, closets use sliding doors or bi-fold doors. Some do still have traditional swinging doors that take up more floor space, limiting what you can do in bedrooms and other areas of the home. With accordion doors, you can add a stylish solution to closet storage and get a much better look that’s not going to bother your floor space.

5. The Outdoors-In Door: Folding accordion doors are made with heavy duty exterior materials in many cases, allowing people to install them on the exterior of homes and commercial spaces. In bars and pubs, this is especially popular because it allows them to have the option of opening the doors or keeping the areas separate. During the summer and fall seasons, many customers love this feature. Of course, it’s also hot in the home to combine your outdoor and indoor living spaces for a chic, stylish space that gives you more than you imagined.

These are a few of the best installations of accordion doors in the design world right now. Some other popular concepts include:

● Home office doors
● Bedroom doors for an upscale look
● Office use to divide workspaces and offices
● Security doors for retail stores, airports, malls, and more
● Space-saving dividers for schools and churches

As you can see, there’s no limit to what you can do with accordion doors if you take a little time to get inspired and get the design that you want.

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