How Accordian Doors Can Change Your Perspective on Space

accordian doorsSpace is one of the most common issues in any design or renovation. No matter what, there never seems to be enough of it. Fortunately, there are a lot of modern design features that are changing the way that people look at space and how it is used. Accordian doors are one feature that will definitely change the way that you see space in the home or commercial space, and give you a chance to create a more flexible design plan than you had in mind originally.

Accordion folding doors are available in many different styles and designs today. They aren’t just the flimsy doors that you see in trailers and campers like you remember from the 70s and 80s. These modern doors are all about high style and creating unique designs, and will give you more than a new perspective on space. They will give you a whole new opinion on high-end style.

Accordian doors fit into just about any space where they are needed. These unique doors can be custom built to any size, and will work in residential and commercial spaces alike. Some doors feature acoustics or soundproofing features while others are designed for aesthetics or ease of use. Regardless, they are all going to provide you with a totally different type of design feature that will change the entire layout of a room, if you use them right.

You can use accordion folding doors to separate any space, including an open floor plan living space. Having these doors gives you so many options for your space that you may never even discover them all. Plus, with the custom design options, everyone can find a look that they will love. Just check out sites like Pinterest and Houzz, and see what designs inspire you to capitalize on the great space-saving features of accordian doors.

Why Accordian Doors?

The simple answer is: why not? Of course, everyone has their different reasons for choosing design features and it is going to be important for you to get everything that you need out of your renovation by choosing the right doors for your home. Just a few ways that accordian doors will help you redefine space include:

● Forget about needing a huge laundry room or a separate space. You can keep laundry conveniently close, right near the kitchen, and hide it behind beautiful accordion doors so that no one even knows what’s there.

● Those pesky half-baths that are functionally great but aesthetically unappealing can benefit from these doors, too. Forget taking up all the bathroom space or clogging your halls or kitchen with traditional swinging doors. You can install accordion folding doors and keep things out of sight while saving space at the same time.

● Everyone likes the open floor plan. However, there are times in your life when you need divided space as well. With accordian doors, you can have both. The way that these doors are installed allows them to practically disappear when they aren’t in use, and they can be opened from different sides and to varying degrees, giving you plenty of options.

Everyone is always looking for extra space. Rather than wasting money on expanding square footage or dealing with what you have, consider unique alternatives like this. You will not only get a great design for your home, but you will also find ways to save space and use space that you might never have found otherwise. For any room, and any design, an accordion door is definitely going to make a big impression and a lasting impact on your home or business.

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