Accordion Doors: Revolutionizing Interior Design

Accordion Door Style DesignSo much of interior design is about the flow of the building and the transition from one stunning room to the next. An excellent design flow ensures that the initial jolt of energy created by an outstanding entryway will continue throughout a home. This creates a feeling of cohesiveness in the overall design and can truly bring a home together.

Designers are always trying to come up with the best way to maximize flow in a design space. For many, proper flow is the product of an open concept space that allows for a clearly visible transition throughout the home. There is however an alternative means of achieving excellent design flow that allows for a combination of the philosophies of open concept as well as a contained feel. Homeowners do not have to settle for either open concept or a closed in homey feel. A revolution in design has come about that offers the best of both worlds.

This revolution of interior design is the accordion door, and it is making many homeowners excited about the possibilities of their space again. Accordion doors are folding doors that can be custom fitted for any space. These doors can be crafted to blend perfectly into any design, making them to ultimate tool for creating perfect transitions between rooms.

Imagine being able to transform a single room into two rooms and vice versa with almost no effort. That is the magic of the accordion door. Accordion doors can act as elegant room dividers, or as singular entrances. These doors are perfect for small spaces because they allow for both coverage of storage areas as well as a clearing of room space that otherwise may be taken up by traditional swinging doors.

Accordion doors can be crafted using a variety of materials as well. For example, accordion glass doors are perfect for transitional spaces between indoor and outdoor environments. Imagine the beauty of a kitchen with glass accordion door access to a large deck or patio. Glass accordion doors also help to maximize the amount of natural light within a space. This can drastically change the feel of a home and add some much needed energy to an otherwise dull space.

Accordion doors come in a variety of different colors. They can be custom made to match the color of a room, or they can add a pop of contrast and color for a bold design statement. There is perhaps no other door more versatile than the accordion door. It is a classic design element that is being used in new and exciting ways. Tom Gross, the man behind the highly successful Specialty Doors company, continues to offer an amazingly diverse selection of high quality accordion door hardware. His Accordion Doors site is the number 1 accordion door outlet in the nation and designers who are looking to capitalize on this flexible design element should give Accordion Doors a look. The accordion door has truly launched a revolution in interior design, and it is exciting to think about the possibilities for future homes designed around these doors.

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