Choosing the Right Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are proving to be an excellent way to add beauty, charm and functionality to

a home’s existing design. These delightful pieces of furniture can be incorporated to many

different areas of the home, including closets, bedrooms, pantries and large living areas that

you want to tastefully divide. If you’re considering adding accordian doors to your home or

office, there are a variety to choose from. In order to select the ideal set, consider where it’ll

be placed and why.

Accordion folding doors are a great way to separate a large space into smaller functional areas

Accordion folding doors are a great way to separate a large space into smaller functional areas

Dividing Up a Room with Custom Accordion Doors

Some rooms are a just a bit too large. If you have a bedroom or living area that you would like

to divide, you can use accordian doors for that purpose. These doors have multiple folds and

can be slid open and closed easily. So anytime you want to reopen a room to allow more

space, all you have to do is fold up the doors.

This same idea can also be applied to a small apartment or studio that lacks walls. Use

folding doors to separate the bedroom from the living room or a dining room from the living

room. You can customize your doors to fit within any room you decide to place it in.

Giving Your Office Appeal and Privacy with Woodfold Accordion Doors

Woodfold accordion doors are ideal for commercial settings, such as an office, school, church

or other public building. These come in a variety of styles and colors, making them suitable for

other areas like closets and utility rooms.

Create a Sound Barrier with Acoustical Doors

Sometimes, you need privacy visually and audibly. With acoustical accordion partitions and

doors, you can provide both to any area you choose. This can be used for meeting rooms,

diners and any other large spaces where a lot of people gather.

Create Indoor/Outdoor Functionality

A variety of door styles can be used for this purpose. You can create a beautiful entrance/exit

to your patio, garden or other outdoor space. Have your pick of a great selection of materials,

colors and designs of folding doors.

Where you decide to place your folding doors will determine what style you decide to

purchase. These mixed-used doors are perfect for the home or office, so make sure to

browse around the many options to see which you’d like to implement into your space!

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