4 Ways to Implement Accordion Doors into Your Elementary School


Providing students with a safe and enhanced learning experience is a top priority for every

school. Principles, teachers and administrators across the U.S. are finding that they can do

this by implementing accordion doors into their facilities. Accordion doors can be used in a

variety of ways to improve the school environment. If you have yet to purchase accordion

folding doors for your school, here are four reasons to do so.

Accordion doors are a great way to separate a classroom into smaller areas to maximize space

Accordion doors are a great way to separate a classroom into smaller areas to maximize space

Separate Large Classrooms

Rather than spending money on trailers and room extensions, you can easily install an

accordion door to separate large classrooms into smaller ones. These doors provide privacy

and sound control, so that multiple class sessions can go on at once without interruption. This

is an economical option that can enhance the learning experience for your students.

Create Two Independent Spaces in the Gym

If your school has a large gymnasium, you can use it for more than just sports and PE

classes. Section it off with an accordion folding doors, so that two games can go on at once or

to accommodate another school event. The gym can even be used for additional classrooms.

Section Off the Auditorium

The auditorium can be used for a plethora of things – school dances, plays and other social

events. When the space needs to be used for two separate events, it can be done using

accordion folding doors. If noise levels are a concern, you can opt for acoustic accordion

doors, which provides excellent sound proofing. With this auditorium upgrade, you never have

to worry about conflicting schedules interrupting the student experience.

Set Up Testing Areas in the Cafeteria

State exams are a requirement in most states. When this time comes around, you can use

the cafeteria as a testing room for the students who missed the exam dates. Allow your

students to retake or take their exams during regular school hours, so that no one has to stay

after school. You can install accordion doors, splitting the cafeteria into two equal parts. Opt

for the acoustic models so that they can test in a quiet setting.

Accordion doors are an excellent addition to elementary schools. These are just some of the

ways you can implement them into your own school. Surely, you can come up with new ways

to use them for the benefit of your students!

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