Need to Organize Small Space? Accordion Doors to the Rescue!


Just because your home is smaller than the average house doesn’t mean you can’t make it

look fantastic. Likely, your top concerns are making do with the space you have, while at the

same time impressing your visitors. If you’re a bit concerned about the size of your home,

there is hope. Accordion doors are being used in homes of all sizes for various purposes and

can be implemented into your home’s décor easily and within any budget. Here’s how you can

do so.

Add Privacy to Your Laundry Room

It’s fairly common for laundry rooms in smaller homes to be open and exposed. This can be a

problem if it is situated next to the garage, which would allow toxins of all sorts to mix into

your clean clothes. Accordion folding doors can be a stylish separator that blocks out garage

fumes and visibility. This is, after all, supposed to be a private room. Likely, you don’t want

your guests seeing your dirty laundry!

Separate Your Kitchen and Living Areas

In homes with smaller designs, open floor plans that consist of kitchens and living rooms

sharing one space is pretty common. With no wall in between, this leaves the kitchen visible

to anyone who’s in the living room. This design is also done with kitchens and dining rooms. If

you would like to separate these rooms, you can do so by adding chic accordion doors. Doing

so can help keep these areas cleaner and block out kitchen scents that can seep into


Give Your Closet a Stylish Twist

Get rid of your traditional closet doors that open from right to left and replace them with

accordion doors. You can really spruce up the bedroom by implementing uniquely designed

doors that are made from wood, vinyl or another material. You can also customize the color to

match whatever room or hall you install them into. You’ll find these accordion folding doors to

be quite durable, making them ideal for closet use.

Create a Work Space in the Garage

If you don’t have extra room in your home for an office, storage, laundry room or tools, you

can designate an area within your garage for them. An accordion door would make the

perfect addition for aesthetic appeal and functionality. This is a great way to keep the car

away from whatever you decide to use this space for.

Accordion doors in general are a great way to organize the spaces in your home with style.

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