Woodfold Accordion Doors for Style and Functionality!


Space, organization and functionality. These are the qualities of a perfect design. The same is true whether you’re redecorating your home or office. Instilling these qualities into your décor is simple when you have the right furniture. For instance, accordion doors can be a great solution for noise reduction, dividing space and saving space. They come in many different designs, colors, materials and sizes. One brand of accordion folding doors you should consider are Woodfold doors. These are custom-crafted accordion doors that are made in America.

woodfold accordion door

These doors were designed for ultimate functionality. They can be used in residential and commercial properties as space dividers. The Woodfold Series 2100 consists of acoustically-designed accordion doors. They are suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including daycares, offices, restaurants, community centers and multi-purpose rooms. You can quickly reconfigure a room to have more privacy and sound reduction. You can opt for custom finishes, vinyl-lam or natural hardwood.

The Woodfold Series 440 is ideal for commercial businesses that require security and safety. They provide an open look, but feature heavy duty acrylic panels and steel hardware. These accordion folding doors are easy to operate and come with an assortment of options an features. Customizing these doors for visibility and style is definitely a possibility. They can be designed according to your doorway specifications as well.

Forget paying a contractor to build walls. You can instead use the Woodfold Series 240 accordion doors to create instant walls and doors wherever you need them. This series comes with a steel hardware hinge system, giving it durability and long-term performance. They are also customized to suit the measurements of your rooms and doorways. There are a number of customization options that you can choose from to make your folding doors perfect for your property. This model of doors are quite popular. You can find them inside of restaurants, offices, houses and hotels. They have a variety of finishes, including vinyl-lam and natural wood. The hardware is also customizable. Choose from curvable tracks, latches, locks and meeting posts.

Woodfold Series 220 doors are perfect for residential applications. They can be implemented for dividing a room or conserving energy and space. These are designed to lock in heat and cool air, which makes rooms more energy efficient. If needed, you can also use them to separate sleeping and living quarters. They offer aesthetic appeal to any room they’re installed into.

Your wardrobe can also be enhanced using accordion doors. The Woodfold Series 140 folding doors are designed specifically for residential wardrobes and closets. They can also be installed in utility rooms. These doors are quick and easy to install and last a very long time. It includes a pin hinge hardware system and has a modified handle for improved functionality. These doors can be implemented into single-family homes of all sizes. They are commonly found in assisted living facilities, retirement homes, college dorms and hospitals. There’s no need to trim the doors to fit because they can be customized to fit your door opening.

If you’re looking for a unique accordion door design, you should check out the Woodfold Series 540. This see-through model offers a great sense of openness. It can be installed in your storefront to allow visibility and security. They can be fully customized. The doors are made with acrylic panels and either hardwood or vinyl-lam.

The Woodfold Series 3300 are the ideal solution when you need acoustic partitioning and sound deadening capabilities. These doors have a perimeter-sealed and acoustic-lined design that offer max sound insulation. You can find this style accordion door inside of large rooms like cafeterias, classrooms, gyms and mixed used spaces.

There’s no denying the functionality Woodfold accordion folding doors offer. If you have a space that needs partitioning, consider these remarkable doors!

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