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MobilFlex is a leader in the folding and rolling security closure industry. With two different types of security doors – rolling closures and folding closures – MobilFlex security doors can secure almost any retail or public opening, including large doors and entrance ways, windows, counters and more.

MobilFlex security accordion doors are perfect whenever you need people and space to be separated by a simple yet secure screen system. MobilFlex manufactures the most cost effective accordion security door solutions for:

  • Banks
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Food courts
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • and many more public and private locations

Secure, Durable & Green Security Closures

MobilFlex can accommodate almost any opening as these folding and rolling security closures are custom made to order. MobilFlex makes rolling grilles, side-folding grilles, sliding grilles, overhead doors, folding doors, roll up doors, side-folding closures and more to meet all your security solution needs.

At Accordion Doors, we’re proud to provide you with security closures from MobilFlex. Not only are both the rolling closures and folding closures easy to install, but they’ll keep your store, business and office safe for a reasonable cost. MobilFlex grilles are easy to open and fully retractable, so whether you need to open your gate to customers everyday or you want window protection that you can open just when you need to wash your windows, MobilFlex security closures have got you covered.

Plus, MobilFlex strives to be green:

From heating their own buildings with high-efficiency heat pumps and utilizing the latest in high-efficient lighting technology, to planting trees and going paperless company-wide, MobilFlex aims to provide you with top quality security closures while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Folding Closures, Rolling Closures & Window Protection

Folding closures, rolling closures and window protection form MobilFlex come in a variety of kinds and styles, so whether you’re looking for easily retractable protection, attractive protection or heavy duty security closures, MobilFlex can create the security closure you’ve been searching for.

Read more below, or contact Accordion Doors today if you have questions about MobilFlex or security specifics, or if you’re ready to place your order today!

Rolling Closures

Rolling closures use horizontal panels, solid, perforated, or open style, that roll up into the top, like a garage door. There is a track on each side of the door that the panel ends fit into. The door is rolled up, vertically, into a barrel at the top. There is a counter weight to make it easier to lift the door. The panels will form a protective barrier when closed. They can be rolled up into the top to allow complete access to your facility.

Styles and Features

Each door can be completely solid, so that nothing can be seen through it, or it can be perforated or “open style”, where there are sections of panels removed, so that there is unobstructed visual access to what’s behind them.

There are clear polycarbonate panels that allow almost total visual access with no physical access. All of your products are on display while keeping them physically secure.

Some closures can use an electric motor to open and close them.

Each door can be locked securely in place to form a safe, attractive, protective barrier.

MobilFlex grilles are built so even the most determined thieves will be discouraged.

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