Massage Envy is Becoming the Envy of Spas Nationwide with New Accordion Folding Doors

Massage Envy and Accordian Doors by Specialty Doors have teamed up.

Massage Envy and Accordian Doors by Specialty Doors have teamed up.

Massage Envy, a leading national spa brand, has chosen to incorporate Accordion Doors from

Specialty Doors into its new salon and spa installations around the country. According to the

organization, every new Massage Envy that is built will utilize acoustic enhanced, soundproof

accordion folding doors in the space.

Why accordion doors? For brands like this, having the convenience and flexibility of adjustable

space is always a must. Not only that, but in a high-end environment, high-end furnishings come

naturally. Accordion room dividers can provide a lot of flexibility for any space, including

commercial ones. Most people think of these doors for residential use, but they look great in any

space that needs them.

Massage Envy provides spa services and requires private spaces for individual clients. They

need a relaxing atmosphere and a comfortable environment where people feel secluded and

private. Of course, it is also convenient to have the option to open the spaces for different

services or occasions, which is why they went with the accordion folding doors for all of their

new construction.

The beauty of accordion folding doors is that they can be designed to the exact size and style

that a client requests, and that each order is custom-made. From the hardware and installation

method to choosing the colors and finishes of the panels, everything is as the customer wants,

which is exactly what many companies are looking for. Plus, it is all made from the best

materials and comes from the best brands in the accordion doors industry.

Spas, by nature, are serene, quiet environments. They could benefit greatly from the installation

of accordion room dividers and folding doors in many different ways. Salons and spas around

the country that are renovating or building new construction should definitely look into accordion

folding doors for that modern, sleek look complete with privacy and soundproofing. There are

enough designs to go around and the customization options make it easy for each installation to

be unique and fit the design of any space. Before settling for a traditional design, it’s worth it to

check out features like this for your space.

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