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Reasons We Like Folding Doors

Flexibility is the theme of the future. We are smitten with technologies and designs that give us flexibility and allure. Just look at our fascination with mobile devices. We can do everything we used to do on laptops from our smartphones. Home design is witnessing...  Read more ››

Accordion Doors Add Privacy & Security to Healthcare Facilities

  The healthcare industry has gone to great lengths to ensure the privacy and safety of their patients and workers. With the use of accordion doors, medical facilities can enhance privacy and security without overstepping budgetary constraints. Ensuring the safety of your patients is a...  Read more ››

Commercial Uses for Accordion Doors

Accordion Security Doors

  Accordion doors have found their place within homes across America, but that’s not the only place where they can be installed. There are a number of commercial applications that accordian doors can be used in. The versatility of accordion folding doors makes them a...  Read more ››

Accordion Doors for Fall: Get Inspired!

accordion doors installation 2

  Autumn is here, which for many of us means updating the décor of our homes. Getting our homes redesigned with the beautiful fall colors we’ve grown up admiring can be a fun time, especially if you get the entire family involved. We can easily...  Read more ››

Why Folding Doors Can Help Your Space Concerns

Accordion Door Style Design

There are many aspects of accordion folding doors that make them a worthwhile investment. They can be customized to fit within whatever décor you have in your home. These unique doors are unlike traditional ones – rather than swinging open, they have a sliding motion,...  Read more ››

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