Commercial Uses for Accordion Doors


Accordion doors have found their place within homes across America, but that’s not the only place where they can be installed. There are a number of commercial applications that accordian doors can be used in. The versatility of accordion folding doors makes them a top pick within professional establishments of all types. They are highly functional and can even provide safety. To get a better idea of how these doors are being implemented in business settings, read on!

Accordion Security Doors

Improving Security in Airports

You may have seen accordion doors being used in airport terminals. They are typically used for sectioning off areas that are under construction. There are certain kinds of accordian doors that are also used for closing off areas that have damage. Folding doors are even being used for restricting access in the event of a terrorist attack.

Securing Storefronts in Malls and Plazas

Shop owners typically use the metal rolling grilles to protect their storefronts. Today, we are seeing some owners replacing unfriendly and unsightly store front doors with accordion folding doors. They offer security, but in a more tasteful fashion. These doors also allow passersby to see what’s inside, enabling them to window shop until the store reopens.

Partitioning Rooms in Hospitals

In the quick paced environment of hospitals, having access to privacy is vital. Accordion doors are being used to provide patients and doctors with privacy. In some cases these partitions are being used for regular checkups areas as well as in more serious scenarios where operations are required. Patients with extreme symptoms can also be closed off safely using folding doors.

Organizing the Workplace

Many of the commercial buildings have large open spaces. To provide privacy and organization, accordion folding doors can be used. These allow for visual privacy, as well as soundproofing. Workplaces that have privacy allows employees to work more efficiently and it makes the workplace look more organized.

Sprucing Up the Decor

Accordion doors can add a certain appeal to the environments no matter where they are used. They can make a hospital or an office space look nicer and an airport secure, whatever your purpose Accordion doors and their versatility can really fit the bill.

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