Accordion Doors for Fall: Get Inspired!


Autumn is here, which for many of us means updating the décor of our homes. Getting our

homes redesigned with the beautiful fall colors we’ve grown up admiring can be a fun time,

especially if you get the entire family involved. We can easily implement earthy colors and red

tints into our own home to imitate the wonders of mother nature. There are a number of ways

that you can achieve this, such as with the use of custom accordion doors and a fresh coat of

paint. To help you with redecorating your home with fall in mind, here are some great ideas!

accordion doors installation 2

Warm colored wood accordion doors are a great way to update your space for fall

Change the Colors of Your Walls

To really set the autumn mood for your home, you should consider repainting the walls fall

colors. Depending on the rest of the décor of a given room will determine which you choose.

For instance, if your living room has light brown or dark brown furniture, you can opt for earth-

toned colors like brown, tan or even green. Dark-colored furniture like black may go well with

red and orange hues. Test out a patch of paint on a wall before painting to see if you like how

it looks. Sometimes, a dark version of the color would look better than a lighter version and

vice versa. This is an inexpensive way to achieve that fall feeling.

Accent the Walls with Custom Accordion Doors

A great way to bring out the colors of your fall-inspired walls is to use wooden accrodian

folding doors. These are meticulously designed with great detail, making them an excellent

choice for any room of the home. You can use them as a replacement for your closet doors,

pantry, bathroom doors or even for your patio.

Another way to make use of accordion doors is to use them as room dividers. If you have a

dining room that opens to the living room or kitchen, you can close off these sections nicely

with a folding door. Not only will this help with space, but it will make the room look great at

the same time!

Add Warmth to Rooms with Wooden Floors

To accommodate the fall colors of your custom accordion room doors, you can consider

laying down wooden floors. Wood is a great material for implementing autumn décor. Oak

floors are popular, since they come in beautiful dark hues, but whatever wood you choose,

you can easily compliment the colors with the accordion room dividers that you install.

Use Beautiful Fall-Inspired Paintings

There are less obvious ways to implement fall colors into your home’s décor, such as by

hanging paintings that resonate with the season. Just simply hang them in the rooms that

you’re decorating to help accentuate colors that you’d like to bring out. You could also use

knick knacks, vases and other room decorations for the same purpose. This is a fun and

inexpensive way to get into the fall mood.

Enjoy the Season Changes with Glass Accordion Doors

Why not use nature as an accent by installing glass accordian doors for your patio? This can

provide excellent views of the changing leaves, which can add emphasis to your interior

décor. Try matching the colors to the changing leaves of the trees in your yard.

With fall festivities just around the corner, getting your home in good shape for the events is

necessary yet fun activity. The best time to get started is now. This should give you plenty of

time before family members arrive these coming holidays. Finding autumn-related décor

should be simple this time of year. However, it’s recommended that you decorate for fall well

before it rolls around.

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