Accordion Doors Add Privacy & Security to Healthcare Facilities


The healthcare industry has gone to great lengths to ensure the privacy and safety of their patients and workers. With the use of accordion doors, medical facilities can enhance privacy and security without overstepping budgetary constraints. Ensuring the safety of your patients is a top concern for your organization. Accordian doors can be installed throughout your facility to suit this purpose. They can also be implemented for other purposes, such as access control.

Accordion Doors are useful for security and privacy in medical offices

Accordion Doors are useful for security and privacy in medical offices


There are different types of accordion doors you can choose from. Some slide horizontally, while others operate vertically. Steel and vinyl are the usual materials used for their design. Rolling doors made of steel are the optimal choice for fire protection. They can be connected to automated systems that will close them in the event of fire detection. Fire containment should always be a top priority for your healthcare facility.

Folding grilles can also be used throughout your facility. Most hospitals have gift shops that aren’t open 24 hours. To keep the store owner’s property safe, rolling grilles can be installed. There are certain designs that allow visibility, so that onlookers can see what’s inside after closing. These doors can also be used for sealing off cafeterias after closing.

The pharmacy can turn into a dangerous playground if left open and unattended. Customized accordion doors can be designed for pharmacy service windows. Leaving the service window open after hours will leave it vulnerable to break ins. A counter door can be implemented to safeguard the service window, while providing visibility.

Patients should feel comfortable during their stay at your medical facility. Privacy is a major concern for most patients, which makes accordion doors the perfect solution. These can be installed in rooms and patient areas. Unlike with curtains, accordion doors provide sound barriers, which offer enhanced isolation. Providing the utmost privacy can help your patients relax and fall asleep during overnight stays. Medical facilities can be a scary place to some, so it’s important to do whatever you can to ease their minds.

Finding the best accordion doors for your healthcare facility is as simple as an Internet search. At, you can find a great selection of acoustic accordion doors and rolling doors that provide privacy and security.

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