Not Your Mother’s Accordion Doors

Many of us grew up in homes where accordion doors were used. These old school plastic-like

folding doors are far from the ones we are seeing in home décor today. The transformation of

accordion folding doors have been tremendous, making them an ideal center piece for living

rooms and bedrooms. There are many great uses for folding doors today, which is why they

are prominent in homes and businesses alike. If you have yet to pick up on this popular trend,

you’re in for a treat.

Creating a Unique Closet Space

Custom Folding Door

One way accordion folding doors are being used is as a way to close up closet space.

Whether your wardrobe is open or has a typical sliding door, it can be spruced up with a

folding door. A lot of people are using gorgeous accordion closet door designs for this

purpose, which makes their room or hall look more appealing.

Customization is Rampant

The days of generic room dividers used by our moms are long gone, replaced by the

customizable options we see today. You can have your pick of what materials, styles and

colors you want to implement into the design. This versatility allows you to create the perfect

door for a unique home design.

Sound-Proofing Options

The accordion doors of the past didn’t do much for keeping out sound. Today, you can find

aesthetically appealing options with this feature. This makes them ideal for use in large

spaces where many people gather, such as cafeterias, party rooms and auditoriums. Even

business professionals and churches put them to use in their establishments. Sound

engineers and music producers may also find these doors to be a great addition to their


Dividing Up Rooms with Style

Since accordion folding doors can be customized, they can be specifically designed for use in

public areas of the home, such as the living and dining rooms. A lot of floor plans leave the

living room and dining are open to each other. If you would like to separate them, this can be

done seamlessly using foldable doors. Others are taking this same concept and installing

these doors in the middle of large bedrooms and living rooms to create a separate room. If

you want to create a nursery or office, there’s no need to build walls!

Enhancing Privacy Wherever it Lacks

Studio apartments and some urban flats lack walls, which means lots of exposure from one

room to the next. To help maintain privacy, foldable doors can be implemented throughout.

There are many different options of doors to choose from, allowing you to select styles that

are chic, industrial or modern.

Creating Indoor/Outdoor Space

Apartments and homes that open up to garden, patio or deck can be purposed with gorgeous

folding doors. Rather than using glass sliding doors, these can be implemented, allowing

quick and easy access. This is being done in residential and even commercial establishments

like restaurants and hotels. Some folks have gotten really creative and placed their dining

room outside and divided it off with accordion doors. Because of the foldable doors, moving

the table back indoors after use is very simple and quick.

Various Material Options

As you begin browsing around the many options, you’ll find that accordion folding doors come

in a variety of materials. Some options include vinyl, stainless steel and wood. Which you

choose will be determined by the vibe you’re going for. For warmth, wood would be ideal,

while steel would be perfect for an industrial atmosphere.

Today’s accordion doors are nothing like the ones we grew up using. Whether you’re

interested in integrating them throughout your home or simply using the accordion closet

doors, you’ll find a great selection to choose from at!

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