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Folding doors are a great way to add functionality and style to your interior design. offers custom folding door solutions for any type of space, including kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

We offer many different styles of folding doors, hand-picked from the best manufacturers, with various features that can be customized to suit your needs as well as pricing ranges from budget friendly prices all the way up to luxury options. Shop our website today – and get started designing your ideal custom folding door installation!

Are folding doors worth it?

Some people are so short of storage space in their homes that they are left with no option but to fold down the seats in their cars just to get everything in. In commercial spaces, there’s also the worry of a ‘cramped feeling’ for customers and staff.

What if you could finally reclaim all that lost space and put it to good use? With custom folding doors, such as Woodfold’s accordion doors, you can finally reclaim that space in your car, keeping your family safe and comfortable. You can also keep your pets and other goods safe from the elements, and even store your everyday essentials when you're out and about. 

In commercial areas, you can make your area secure and private, add effective soundproofing, partition offices, and creatively divide rooms for special events. 

Woodfold, Screenflex and Mobilflex manufacture all the sturdiest, most durable and high-tech custom folding doors for these applications – and all they’re available for you to custom-order here at

What are the best type of folding doors?

It depends on the application.

  • Closet Doors: The Woodfold 140 accordion door is durable and ideal for your closet. It’s an effective, affordable and sturdy way of saving massive space in any room or office.
  • Residential Room Dividers: The Woodfold 220 accordion door, in addition to saving space as a room divider, also helps optimize your A/C bill costs by naturally regulating the temperature of each room. It’s smooth & quiet. Woodfold doors come in a variety of finishes to suit almost any style.
  • Temporary Room Dividers: Screenflex portable partitions, which roll on wheels, absorb sound, and are the perfect way to divide spaces in commercial complexes, schools, places of worship, and government offices. Screenflex also offers accordion-style dividers that can be used as whiteboards, bulletin boards, and displays for art installations.
  • Acoustics and Soundproofing: The best doors for preventing sound leakage – and keeping things totally quiet on the other side – are commercial doors from Woodfold, Curtition and Cornell. They have industry-best damping properties, with a flexible variety of features – toughness, portability, and more.
  • Security Doors: Mobilflex manufactures the toughest folding doors to secure commercial spaces. Whether it’s to keep intruders out while giving passers-by a gaze at the store, or deterring any chance of pying eyes, Mobilflex folding closures range from economical to ultra-high-end.

Are cheap accordion doors good?

There are companies out there, such as big-box stores, that sell very cheap accordion doors. It's not a good idea to buy them because they’re less durable, and will cost more in repairs later – or worse, replacement.

You don't have to get accordion doors from those other companies. Better long-term savings are seen when you invest more upfront. If you want to buy accordion doors online, then you should shop at With us, you know you are buying accordion doors that are high quality and durable.

We’re owned and operated by seasoned door professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience. With direct customer service, if you’re unsure about what kind of door suits your space, you can confidently leave that decision in our hands. Shop our website, or call 1-866-815-8151 for direct service, Monday-Friday 6 am to 4 pm PST.

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