Freestanding Room Divider FacetFreestanding Room Divider Facet

Facet Freestanding Room Divider

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Divide Rooms. Control Light. Control Airflow. Rotate the shapes and create any pattern you want.

The Facet hanging room divider is 100% modular and we can supply the screen in any size, shape and color you could ever wish for. Ideal for your home, commercial areas/public spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, retail stores or reception areas.

We are the first official USA distributor of Bloomming Facet dividers. Get service from an American company!

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Freestanding Room Divider Facet

This video depicts the hanging divider version of Facet, but you can use these examples for design inspiration in exactly the same way.


For 10+ years, names such as Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Oracle, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels and Universal Studios have used Facet partitions to create eye-popping spaces. Fashion magazines including Vogue and Elle have praised them for “challenging the foundations of architectural thought” and transforming rooms in a simple rotation.

Facet room dividers are assembled from individual diamond shapes that the user can rotate to play with transparency, manage privacy, and create any pattern imaginable. A dynamic, ever-changing creative look emerges; natural light is controlled; and air flows free from one part of the room to another. Every occupant can project their imagination on your room by simply turning the elements.