Facet Freestanding Room Dividers for Work-from-HomeFacet Freestanding Room Dividers for Work-from-Home

Freestanding Home Office Room Divider – Facet [78.7″ x 53.5″]

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78.7″ (200 cm) x 53.5″ (136 cm) size. Not everyone has a separate room they can dedicate just for work. Facet as a home office divider, or privacy divider for work-from-home (WFH), provides a stylish and affordable solution for increased privacy. If you’re looking for the perfect room divider to help you get more work done at home, choose Facet.

Freestanding Facet room dividers rest on a sturdy and elegant aluminum frame made of triangular sections.

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Privacy Dividers for WFH

Freestanding room divider Facet by Bloomming is the perfect home office divider. The individual geometric diamond shapes can rotate independently, creating beautiful patterns of light and shade. You have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, pivot the diamonds to catch the light or flip them to create more transparency!

It is a wonderful designer piece that does not only look stunning in its own right, it divides spaces elegantly.