Why Modern Designers and Architects Need to Understand Modern Accordian Doors

Accordion folding doors are nothing new on the market, but they are making a brand new statement with the high-end models available today. Today’s designers and architects often dismiss the concept of accordion doors because they’re known for one of a few reasons, historically speaking:

-Big, fabric-paneled doors used in schools, churches, etc.

-Flimsy, unattractive doors that provide alternatives when a traditional door won’t do

-Cheap, unattractive doors used in RVs and mobile homes

That’s the history of these doors, though. We’re not repeating it, but revolutionizing it, with modern accordion folding doors. Modern accordion folding doors offer plenty of benefits for any space, including the chance to customize the door to your exact specifications. These doors are great for small spaces, versatile floor plans, and so much more. If you haven’t considered them yet for your clients, you definitely should.

Here is what you need to know about contemporary accordion doors (a.k.a. “modern accordian doors”):

● First, these are high-end, custom built doors that are making a big statement, no matter where they go. Massage Envy actually just opted to install a Sonicwall* in all of its new stores for ease of use, acoustic and soundproofing features, and flexible space arrangements.

To get an acoustical contemporary accordion door just like Massage Envy, shop our selection of Acoustical Accordion Doors:

> Shop Soundproof Accordion Room Dividers

*The much sought-after Panelfold Sonicwal has been inherited by Woodfold and re-introduced as the Woodfold Series 4100 acoustical accordion door. The Woodfold 4100 can be retrofitted into legacy Sonicwal installations.

● These doors are anything but unattractive. They are available in glass, wood, composite materials, and just about anything else you could need. They fit into any design and space, no matter what you have in mind. Plus, they can be custom-built or custom-designed to fit your exact needs even if you can’t find a standard model that works.

> Shop Wooden and Vinyl Accordion Doors for Interior

> Shop See-Through Accordion Doors: Woodfold 440

> Shop See-Through Accordion Doors: Woodfold 540

> Shop Metal Accordion Doors: Woodfold 640

> Shop Metal Accordion Doors: Woodfold 740

● Modern accordian doors are made with the best hardware and materials. These doors are all about quality, high-end style and are crafted as such. The hardware and the door itself is going to provide years of life for your clients.

● Every order is made to order, and the installation is customized to your needs, as well. If you have clients who want something unique, or if you just want to impress them with the options and alternatives, this is the way to go. Your clients will love the quality and customization that these doors offer.

● These doors are the future of design. No matter how you spin it, they’re taking over and taking the center stage. Just look around online at sites like Pinterest and you’ll see how so many people are already incorporating these doors into their designs. You’d better get on board while the trend is still hot! Of course, it’s not expected to cool down anytime soon because these doors offer function, style, and custom options that most doors don’t.

● Besides Massage Envy, there are tons of companies and residential clients installing folding doors in their home all over the Los Angeles area, and beyond. These doors are ideal for saving space, creating flexible layouts, and even just for a unique design touch that’s unlike anything else.

accordian doors

Accordion Doors are a fantastic addition to any space. The Woodfold 140 (above) is a popular choice for wood accordion closet doors and conserve even more space than traditional bifolds.

Every room needs a door, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for traditional swinging doors. If you want to revamp a space or give your clients the high end feel without the high prices, consider incorporating accordian doors into the space. These doors can be anything that you (or your clients) want, so what are you waiting for?

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