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Accordion Security Doors for Commercial Protection

Commercial spaces often require special features like security gates and grilles to keep the business safe. Accordian doors and rolling grilles are the most common styles chosen for business security, offering a number of protections when the business is operating, as well as when it...  Read more ››

Accordion Folding Doors: Are They Right for Your Renovation?

Accordian doors are a hit right now in high-end design. These doors offer so many space-saving solutions along with stylish designs and it isn’t hard for anyone to get the look that they want. Function is in, but fashion comes first and that’s why accordion...  Read more ››

An In-Depth Look at Acoustic Accordion Doors

There are many different styles of accordian doors on the market today, including acoustic panels and folding doors that feature sound-enhancing elements. It isn’t hard to find the right doors for your project, regardless of what you need, but it helps if you take the...  Read more ››

Unique Design Ideas for Flexible Layouts in the Home

Having options in your home layout is always going to make life easier. You will be able to do more in the home and get more out of less space if you choose to find flexible designs in your renovations. Fortunately, there are a lot...  Read more ››

5 Features of Accordion Doors Everyone Will Love

The accordion folding doors that are on the market today are different than anything else that has been seen before in the design world. Modern high-end design offers a lot of innovative features like this, giving people the chance to get creative with their home...  Read more ››

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