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Top Five Accordion Folding Doors: What Styles are Hot This Season?

The interior accordion doors that are on the market today are designed to help you get more out of your investment in renovations and upscale designs. The high-end design market is full of great concepts for cutting-edge designs and folding doors are on that list....  Read more ››

Tips to Work Folding Doors into Any Design

Interior accordion doors are a great choice for any home renovation project or redesign. These doors offer a lot of functional features, as well as a cool style that is actually taking modern design by storm. There are many instances where the use of accordion...  Read more ››

Customize Your Folding Doors for the Perfect Look

Folding doors are a hot item in home design right now. Not only do these doors offer an alternative to the traditional door that tends to be more of a space hog, but they provide a variety of customization options and finishes to create the...  Read more ››

Know When to Fold Them: Take a Gamble with Accordion Doors in Your Next Design

Accordion folding doors are a dynamic addition to any design. They offer plenty of solutions for areas where a traditional door or wall might not get the job done, and they come in all kinds of styles and designs. If you’re looking for a better...  Read more ››

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Folding Doors

Accordion doors have a lot to offer in the home. These innovative options replace traditional doors while adding a great finishing touch to the room, with endless designs and styles to choose from. In addition to choosing from the selection of styles and custom finishes...  Read more ››

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