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Accordion Doors in the Studio: Acoustic Panels and More

Accordion doors are perfect for the studio. Recording is a big business in L.A., and around the world. The available products on the market make it easy for anyone to build a studio that rivals the professional ones. A studio is not just built like...  Read more ››

Why Modern Designers and Architects Need to Understand Modern Accordian Doors

  Accordion folding doors are nothing new on the market, but they are making a brand new statement with the high-end models available today. Today’s designers and architects often dismiss the concept of accordion doors because they’re known for one of a few reasons, historically...  Read more ››

The Folding Door: From Ancient Rome to Contemporary Design

Accordion doors have become commonplace in design schemes throughout all forms of architecture. Take for example the use of the accordion doors in large buildings like convention centers and sports stadiums. In larger buildings accordion doors are typically used for security purposes and to allow...  Read more ››

Accordion Doors Help to Optimize Security at Sports Stadiums

Accordion doors are an integral part of every major sports stadium design. At nearly every large sports stadiums in the country whether they be football, baseball, or basketball stadiums, they all utilize the unbeatable protective power of accordion doors. Accordion doors are folding doors that...  Read more ››

Accordion Doors: Revolutionizing Interior Design

So much of interior design is about the flow of the building and the transition from one stunning room to the next. An excellent design flow ensures that the initial jolt of energy created by an outstanding entryway will continue throughout a home. This creates...  Read more ››

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